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 Purse Pouch
Keep all your essentials within arms reach with the Purse Pouch.The Purse Pouch car accessory straps in between the driver and passenger seats to create an innovative pocket that can hold your purse, smart phone and other accessories, so your important items are always right where you need them. No longer worry about your purse falling under your seat or dumping contents onto the car floor. With the Purse Pouch, your bags are secured, eliminating distractions while driving, and creating extra space in your vehicle. The Purse Pouch is adjustable. The Purse Pouch is ideal for traveling and holds your items secure, even if the ride gets bumpy.

•Helps reduce distracted driving
•Universal fit secures contents to prevent spills
•Works in most cars — adjustable and easy to install
•No tools or assembly required
•Completely portable
Price: $8.88
Shipping: $4.95 / unit
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Snackeez the all-in-one, go anywhere snacking solution. The clever design of Snackeez!, lets you hold a 16 oz. drink and your favorite snack, all in one hand. Snackeez! the drink cup with built-in snack cup, you drink right through the snack cup. Snackeez features 16 oz. drink cup, non-slip grip, 4 oz. snack cup, built-in straw and flip-top snack lid. The possibilities and combinations are endless! Kids love Snackeez, moms love Snackeez, even dads love Snackeez. Comes in assorted colors we’ll pick one for you.
Perfect for: • Snacking in the car or on the couch
• Game time fun
• On the soccer/football sidelines
• Milk & cookies anyone?
• Commuters and vacationers
• Take it camping
Price: $8.88
Shipping: $4.95 / unit
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Strutz Cushioned Arch Supports, all day relief for achy feet. Strutz cushioned arch supports, absorb shock with every step, while the comfortable compression band hugs you r foot for maximum support and a perfect fit. Promotes good balance and body alignment. Wear with any shoe – even barefoot. Breathable polyester band with durable non-slip sole. One size fits all. Set of 2. Great for women and men. Buy Strutz Cushioned Arch Supports for all-day comfort and support!
Price: $9.88
Shipping: $4.95 / unit
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 Swifty Sharp

Get a second life out of your knives, scissors and other household products with the Swifty Sharp cordless multipurpose blade sharpener. Equipped with a professional grade, high-speed sharpening stone, the Swifty Sharp restores the razor's edge on any blade in just seconds, from knives to scissors to small hand tools.The Swifty Sharp offers precision power sharpening and it's cordless, making your sharpening as convenient as ever. The built-in guide holds the blades at the perfect angle, and a catch tray underneath collects all the metal shavings. Use it on steak knives, serrated knives, hedge shears and more. This incredible motorized knife sharpener includes a safety slot for different functions and has a removable attachment for all your sharpening needs.
•Cordless and battery operated
•Requires 4 AA batteries, not included
•Professional grade, high-speed rotating sapphire stone shapes and hones the blade
•Compact design for easy storage
•Safe and easy to use

Price: $12.88
Shipping: $4.95 / unit
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Veggetti is the fast, easy way to make mouthwatering squash and zucchini pasta in just seconds! Zucchini and squash are healthier than traditional pasta and have a delicious taste and perfect texture when sliced! The Veggetti allows you to cut thin spaghetti size or thick fettuccine size zucchini noodles. The best part is the 12 ultra-sharp stainless steel blades make slicing effortless! Veggetti lets you enjoy delicious, nutritious "pasta" dishes without the carbs or gluten! Veggetti spiral vegetable cutter creates spaghetti-like strands or fancy julienne strips from zucchini, squash, carrots, potatoes and more with a simple twist. Healthy, guilt-free Italian-style meals, salads and stir-fry dishes will appear on your plate in minutes! Dishwasher-safe device features dual stainless steel cutting blades for thick or thin strands. Recipe guide included
Veggetti Vegetable Cutter Features:

•Turn Veggies into healthy spaghetti
•Perfect, Delicious Pasta without the carbs
•Makes veggie spaghetti, stir-fries, juliennes & more
•Great for zucchini, squash, carrots, cucumbers & potatoes
•Dual stainless-steel cutting blades for thick or thin pasta strands
Price: $13.88
Shipping: $4.95 / unit
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The Vidalia Chop Wizard is a compact counter top chopper. It's ultra sharp, stainless steel precision cutting blade guarantees perfect, uniform results every time. Because of the Vidalia Chop Wizard's sleek design, your fingers never touch the blade. It will make life in your kitchen easier, safer, and more fun.

The Vidalia Chop Wizard is an amazing kitchen tool that you'll want to use again and again. You'll have so much fun chopping and making amazing dishes, you'll never want to leave the kitchen!

Vidalia Food Chopper includes:
•1 Lid Cleaning Tool
•1-2 cup catch container
•1 Large Chopping Blade (makes large 1/2" cuts)
•1 FREE Bonus Small Chopping Blade for Fine Dicing (makes small 1/4" cuts)
Price: $18.88
Shipping: $6.95 / unit
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 Zap Restoration Kit
Restorer restores surfaces like NEW! ZAP! Restorer effectively penetrates and desolves hard water stains, rust, calcium buildup, lime scale, soap film and dirt. Especially formulated for porcelain, friberglass, ceramic tile and grout. So Don't replace it, Restore it with ZAP! the professionals' choice. Includes 2 Bottles of ZAP! (10 fl. oz. each), 2 scrubbers, and bonus squirt applicator cap
Price: $8.88
Shipping: $5.95 / unit
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